The Motorsport Lounge family have been working their socks off during lockdown, scrubbing, painting, building, designing and more recently as lockdown rules eased – supporting other local businesses buying up interesting and vintage furniture for the upstairs venue.

“I am creating a venue that I would want to visit as a motorsport competitor, Band member and someone who enjoys going to a nice place for a drink. Me and Sally (with the help of some brilliant volunteers) have given it our all to create a classy, unique and interesting space which locals and tourists can visit and enjoy. The décor is everything from my daughter, Jade’s old carbon fire bonnet from her Subaru Rally Car to a WRC wing from a WRC Toyota. We have a comfortable lounge like feel with sofas and quirky Castrol Oil Fuel lights and barrels as tables.”

The Motorsport Lounge will be a fully Covid Secure and will only abide by local guidelines.

The venue will be suitable for local bands to play, music classes, conferences, car club meets, a party venue or just a place for friends who want to meet for a drink and have a go at a “open mic nights”. If you’re interested in hiring our venue, our diary is now open. Please contact Sally on 01492 875991.

The Motorsport Lounge will be open for pre-booked events only from Summer 2021. Book your event now and follow us on social media on @themotorsportlounge for live updates.


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